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Curriculum Intent

At Bridge Academy we specialise in supporting young people who have not been able to maintain a placement in their local school either due to a social, emotional or behavioural challenges. Some young people who attend Bridge Academy have negative attitudes towards school and have problems accessing parts of the National Curriculum. This can be caused by a combination of factors such as poor literacy or numeracy skills; limited concentration; problems with interaction with other students, a general lack of confidence and self-esteem and trauma. Staff work with young people to build strong relationships which will re-motivate them to learn and trust whilst highlighting any skill deficiencies and overcoming barriers to learning. We use various assessment tools when young people join us to assess their own learning needs and we then provide targeted interventions to meet these needs. 

We have high expectations and aspirations for our young people and we strive to promote high quality teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. We use assessment to raise attainment and accelerate progress throughout the school. We will provide opportunities for all young people to achieve their full potential, including the provision of specific learning interventions. Our curriculum is designed to give all young people, including those with SEND or those with different experiences or starting points, the knowledge and skills they need to be independent learners and to be prepared for the next steps in their journey, whether that be education or adulthood. 

We continuously build a curriculum to be knowledge rich and specifically meet the needs of our young people, we ensure it is an exciting and balanced curriculum that allows flexibility and the personalisation required to respond to the individual needs of each child. All curricular areas aim to support young people’s Social Emotional and Mental Health and communication and interaction needs by providing learning opportunities in which they can develop social skills, self-control and self-awareness.  

The Personal Development lessons that young people are ‘signposted’ to from our commissioning agreements with our dual registered schools have particular success in students becoming more conscious of themselves and the impact they have on others and their own wellbeing. 

Our classrooms are welcoming, active places to learn; displays value achievement and working walls aid young people through mapping the stages of a learning task, identifying the steps to success and key subject vocabulary. 

We actively promote fundamental British values and our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum underpins all areas of learning. We use a broad range of teaching strategies that take into account the ways in which young people learn in order for them to flourish. We teach Restorative Principles, encouraging young people to look at their behaviour and the impact it has upon others and how to make informed choices for the future. Along with high academic standards, Bridge Academy places great emphasis on helping to develop kind, respectful, courageous and honest citizens. 

We encourage ‘student voice’ and are openly seeking suggestions from our young people in how to enhance their time with us at Bridge Academy and how they can be delighted with their own success.