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Construction at Bridge Academy is more than just a qualification. What we do is make sure that the content we teach is also useful to them in their day to day lives, like fixing a sink, wiring in a plug or changing a fuse safely. One of the biggest skills taught is to get used to a real working environment and communicating with their peers as they would do if they were in a workplace so they can follow instructions and decide together how to problem solve issues they are faced with in the building trade.  Construction is designed for Years 10 and years 11. It is a BTEC qualification that focuses on a number of main units. All students complete a compulsory unit in health and safety in the workplace before branching out to complete units in carpentry, plumbing, brickwork, electrical wiring, painting and general maintenance. Students at Bridge academy are assessed in construction in several ways which includes both practical and evidence based collection, as well as written theory based explanations. This BTEC qualification will help them progress onto a college course in this field, an apprenticeship or simply improve their confidence in how to repair things around the home.